Wadman Law, LLC offers legal services related to all aspects of the construction field.  These services include representing the interests of suppliers, sub-contractors, general contractors and owners in a variety of matters having to do with commercial, public and private construction issues. Our firm also represents both contractors and homeowners with regard to myriad of issues involved with Massachusetts home improvement contracts.

The timely resolution of a dispute can determine the success or failure of any construction project, whether commercial or residential. While our firm is  more than prepared to litigate your matter, we also understand the need to avoid a prolonged and costly lawsuit. Our Firm will pursue any and all avenues to help you seek an early agreement on the best terms possible. That often means negotiating a favorable settlement on your behalf.

Our firm is also prepare to resolve construction claims through the use of alternative dispute resolution, including both mediation and arbitration. Alternatively, if litigation is the best course of action, we are prepared to aggressively represent your interests in any Massachusetts State or Federal Court. 

In addition, we are prepared to assist with the pursuit of insurance coverage in the construction claim context. We have extensive experience dealing with insurance companies during the “claims” phase. Should that not work, we are prepared to aggressively litigate insurance claims on behalf of our clients against any insurance company.  

Contact Wadman Law, LLC., for a free consultation. Location is not an issue.  Our firm represents clients all across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.